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Standard heater coil (25.4mm tube)

Standard heater coil (25.4mm tube)

SKU: 364215376135191

High quality and extremely robust hot tub heater coil, made from six and a half metres of 1 inch (25.4mm) 304 stainless steel tubing. Ideal for using as part of a set-up to heat large quantities of water using responsibly-sourced firewood - no electricity required. 


Inner diameter of 300mm, outer diameter of 350mm. Comes with 300mm tails as standard (tails measured from the outer edge of the coil). Height ranges from around 170mm high to 230mm.


You can add heat-resistant hose, brass bulkhead connectors and more to this coil. Check out the other items in our shop and just click 'add to cart'. 


Heat-resistant hose

Brass bulkhead connector options

Stands and ashpans

Safety item - downcomer tube for warm water outlet tube


We can also weld British Standard Pipe threaded ends onto our heater coils. However, this requires your measurements for connecting your heater coil to your hot tub to be very precise. If you are interested in having threaded ends welded to the tails of your heater coil, please contact us via email or telephone first. 


Please note that the single length 1" (25.4mm) tube coil is our smallest model and we only recommend it up to around 1000 litres. If you are looking to heat more water than this, or heat it quickly, please look at our 1-1/4" coils and our coils with fireguards. For substantially more water than this, please look at our biggest coils (which have at least 12 metres of steel tubing) and contact us before making your purchase.


We sell this product internationally (outside the UK and Northern Ireland) via eBay - please visit our overseas purchasing and delivery page for more information - Buying our coils outside the UK


    Ensure that the coil is placed a safe distance from your hot tub and is both stable and secure. Please take particular care of how and where you use your heater coil in any settings where children or animals may be present - safety should be paramount at all times. Any attachments/ connectors/high temperature hose you choose to use should be well clear of the flames.

    It is advisable to conduct a brief common sense safety check of the setup before firing the coil. The coil should be set away from any thoroughfare and flammable materials etc.  

    Please note that your cold water inlet and hot water outlet feeds must be below the water level in your hot tub at all times when your coil is in use. If the water line in your tub is below the level of your warm water outlet feed from your coil (or drops below it while you are using your tub) water will stop flowing through your coil and just sit in it, becoming extremely hot. This is called 'dry firing' the coil, which is extremely dangerous and will result in scalding hot water or steam coming out of the hot water outlet. 

    ​If you have a stocktank style hot tub, we would advise attaching it to your coil with the hot water outlet below the upper ripples in the tank. 

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