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Got a stocktank hot tub?

Stocktank-style hot tubs are an increasingly popular purchase here in the UK. Our heater coils are ideally suited to heating this type of tub, particularly the oval stocktanks.

Our standard heater coil will heat a 6 foot oval stocktank but, depending on your starting water temperature and general outdoor temperature, it may not do it very quickly. Generally we would recommend our 1-1/4" heater coil or 1-1/4" heater coil with fireguard.

For faster heating, or if you've got a larger oval stocktank, have a look at one of our double length coils.  

We also provide hose and brass connectors, to make your set-up that bit easier. If you'd like any further information, or would like to chat through your purchase beforehand, please email us on 

Safety note:

Please note that your cold water inlet and hot water outlet feeds must be below the water level in your hot tub at all times when your coil is in use. If the water line in your tub is below the level of your warm water outlet feed from your coil (or drops below it while you are using your tub) water will stop flowing through your coil and just sit in it, becoming extremely hot. This is called 'dry firing' the coil, which is extremely dangerous and will result in scalding hot water or steam coming out of the hot water outlet. 

If you have a stocktank style hot tub, we would advise attaching it to your coil in the position shown in the photo above, with the hot water outlet below the upper ripples in the tank. 

Please note that we do not recommend using threaded ends to attach a coil to a stocktank style hot tub, as it makes it very difficult to attach the coil appropriately. We would recommend using hose and hosed brass connectors to attach to this type of tub.

Got a stocktank hot tub?: Welcome
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